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Some art for Sky Painter, which I probably conceived like a year or two ago, drew one picture for, and kind of quietly let it blow in the dust…. kidding, kind of. It’s actually an idea I talked about pretty extensively with my sister, and we were going to collaborate on it, which just never came into fruition haha. It was a story based on a town who’s atmosphere was literally painted by an artist every week or so, on little slides/canvases that were to be projected onto the sky everyday. However, after much frustration with the strict rules as to what color/tone/when etc. the sky should be, the artist draws on various muses to stick it to the man!

One of my favorite stories was how he creates the nighttime stars; the idea was that his assistant, a kind of gawky, nervous fellow named Angelo, begins living with him as a favor to a big household. But soon after, the painter discovers that Angelo has a pretty intensive fear of the dark; and the poor kid tries to make it through the nights without a lamplight, knowing it would be hazardous in a studio of various chemicals to leave a candle burning through the night without supervision!

And though the painter is a bit gruff, and because what he claims “Would be a hindrance to his sleep” if Angelo wasn’t comfortable, comes up with the idea to perforate a sheet of dark black paper, the same shade originally used for the night, and project the light through it into the sky, creating the stars! How’s that for a nightlight?

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