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Solomon Webb ft DOG, spindle’s OC *_*

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Is Solomon Webb a webcomic of yours? Or is it an actual published comic? Basically, what I'm asking is where can I read it?

Hi! Solomon Webb is an old idea that’s been swirling around for a while, But It’ll be a web comic coming next month! I’m hoping to self publish it as well in the future!

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Finally after so many years I’m actually putting together Solomon Webb… It’s been ripped apart and redesigned so many times I was finally like “Screw it, I’m going in this direction and we’ll see how it goes;” and so far I’m super excited about it! So I’ll be busy for a while besides working on other projects and things for convention! ;w;

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Jsjdjdjd the worst part is pretty much all my friends would do this to me so idk who this is…

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Flames are cool but smoke will blow you away 8)

Picked up issue #2 today, I love the first panel/last page with the transition  (especially the smoke…)

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Hello! May I first start by saying: you've quickly become one of my favorite artists--on tumblr and all-time. Your art is lovely and always ALWAYS so much fun! :D And secondly, I was wondering about commissions information...? I've never commissioned someone before, and I'm seriously considering getting together the money to do so.... Uhm, and now I'm unsure what to ask! I guess it's probably this: do you mind drawing non-canon characters or designs FOR characters?

Hi, and thank you so much! I’m super glad to know you’re getting a kick from my art! Commissioning someone for the first time is definitely nerve wracking, there are so many different artists out there which means plenty of different policies, but from what I know and how I handle things shooting me a message of interest pretty much does the trick! 

Also I do do commissions, I do digital commissions and I also mail in traditional commissions. For anymore information feel free to email me at vanvireak@live.com! I can send you general pricing information or you can give you a quote for what you’re specifically interested in.

I also draw canon, non-canon/original, design from description and etc! 

Thanks again for asking and considering me, I really appreciate it!

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Yowamushi Pedal fanart….

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And the final products! Some Gotham City Sirens relevant to my painting process, and also prints available in the future!

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If you dont mind me asking, what program do you use to draw? And any chance we could see a step by step process of your work?? I really love the way you color (and draw of course). It's so bold and eye catching and i just really love it ><

Hello! I don’t mind at all! I use Paintool SAI and sometimes Photoshop CS2, though less so because my computer can barely handle it lmao. But normally I do use Paintool SAI!

Also I’ve been asked this a few times and finally got around to it! My process is fairly simple for both painting and coloring in lineart. I already have a basic gist of it process for my lineart (THOUGH I SWEAR ITS REFINED A BIT I HOPE, but its generally the same…) so I did one for painting instead!

And that’s about it! Sorry it was probably pretty antclimactic, I don’t really know what else to say other than that I typically build from dark to light when I paint, and for the most part when I do actual lineart the coloring process more or less stays the same, but the outlines are thinner and I tend to draw the people far more simple in contrast to a more detailed background.

When I fully paint I usually balance out complexity though!

Thank you for asking and I hope this is sufficient! ;c; I really appreciate your support for my art!

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Poison Ivy

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How do you accept payment for your commissions?


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Theses heroes and thieves at my door;

and I can’t seem to tell them apart anymore…


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